June 14 we find out what it takes to build racing engines that wins

D.S.S. Racing has been building record holding engines for over 25 years.

It’s the eclectic collection of successful businesses that make a community great.  At the Exchange Club we enjoy hearing the stories of the many small and large businesses that contribute to the community simply by being passionate about what they do. 

D.S.S Racing is one of those businesses. Next Tuesday, Tom Naegle will tell us the D.S.S. story, a local company that creates a wide range of engines from mild 300 horsepower daily driven types to seven-second Drag Radial combinations. D.S.S. has built over 10,000 engines for racers and enthusiasts around the world. To stay ahead of today's rapidly increasing performance levels, D.S.S. Racing has invested several million dollars in the latest high tech equipment. With over 25 years of continuous racing experience, the D.S.S. team knows what it takes to produce race winning engines. Tom Naegle will tell us how they do it.

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The Tri-Cities Exchange Club focuses on four national programs including prevention of child abuse, community service, Americanism and youth. We have established annual events that help us raise funds to support our programs.

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The Tri-Cities Exchange Club has donated money to several charitable organizations and causes through the years, staying focused on its main goals -- prevention of child abuse, promotion of patriotism and supporting community initiatives.

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